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oversize grey mesh scarf for women
women wearing crochet grey summer boho shawl wrap with fringe
person wearing oversize grey linen triangle scarf in the summer sunshine
person wearing grey eco friendly boho shawl with fringe at the ocean
Gray bikini swimsuit crochet cover up with boho fringed tassels
gray open knit linen wrap scarf with tassels
womens gray crochet cotton linen shawl wrap
back view of gray formal shawl for outdoor weddings
grey hip scarf swimsuit cover up with boho fringe
Frayed fringe ends of boho open knitted triangle shawl scarf
HEMLOCK Triangle Shawl Scarf and Beach Cover Up - Stone Grey

HEMLOCK Triangle Shawl Scarf and Beach Cover Up - Stone Grey

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Can be worn 4 ways:

  1. Shawl
  2. Asymmetrical Shawl (clip or pin NOT included)
  3. Beach cover-up (fits a 35" - 48" hip & 29" - 42" waist; Roughly fits Small-2XL. The fit will differ from person to person but is a great one size fits most -- Makes it a great gift!)
  4. Triangle Scarf

 Naturally frayed ends add a little extra carefree character


Measurements & Materials

Length: ~ 68" (173cm)
Height: ~ 25" (64cm) + 6" (15cm) fringe
Color: Stone Grey
Material: 60% Recycled Cotton, 40% Linen
Tag: Washable Cork
Made in Canada


What makes it eco-friendly and sustainable?

The yarn used (60% Recycled Cotton/40% Linen) is made by combining recycled cotton and natural linen. 

To elaborate, textile waste is collected from factories, shredded, and combined with natural linen fibers (sourced from sustainably grown flax)

The process does not involve any additional water or any other chemicals or dyes!


Quick notes about Linen (Flax):

  • It is a hardy plant that uses less water and produces less waste than cotton crops
  • Durable!
  • Gets softer with every use and wash
  • Excellent for people with sensitive skin
  • Perfect for use in summer and winter 

Care Instructions

* To preserve it's natural drape, I do not recommend washing this garment * Instead, lay it in direct sunlight to kill bacteria

If it must be washed...

-Hand wash by itself (color may bleed) in lukewarm water, not hot nor cold.

-Gently squeeze out, then roll in a towel to remove excess water.

-Linen shrinks. You must stretch it back out while it is wet. The fibers are stronger when wet so don't hesitate to really stretch.

-Lay flat to air dry, and gently untwist the tassels. Once dry it will seem a bit stiff, just like jeans, once it is worn a bit it will soften out.

-The tassels may not be straight once washed. I actually love the way it looks when wavy, but if you don't, you can easily straighten them with a flat iron or hair straightener.

Wear this eco-friendly, relaxed piece as a bohemian style scarf, swimsuit cover up, or shawl. It also makes a thoughtful gift for friends, moms, or bridal party

The lightweight open knit design makes it perfect for warm weather and it can be dressed up or down: Your next go-to vacation accessory!