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Why Acrylic Yarn?


Acrylic vs. Wool vs. Cotton vs....insert yarn type here.....

This is an ongoing debate in the yarn community. Just like anything else, there are pros and cons for each type, and I could write an entire essay on it. BUT, I'm going to assume you're not a yarn connoisseur, and came here to see why I use acrylic yarn...

1. Many people are allergic, or simply find wool to be itchy.

I've done shows for many years, and the most common question/comment before touching anything is "Are these items made from wool? Wool makes me itchy" This might be interesting to know, if you plan to purchase a gift for someone, and aren't sure of their skin sensitivity. 

2. Larger range of colors and more consistency within dye lots. 

If you purchase a hat today, and next month you want the matching scarf, it's important to us to create a reliable, consistent product so you know you will be getting the a matching set. That being said, there is still some variation sometimes. I try to avoid it, but it does happen on occasion. (COVID has made my supply chain more inconsistent than usual, this season I've had to substitute some with different yarn which might result in a slightly different texture and shade) If this situation applies to you, please let us know at time of ordering, and I will do my best to accommodate you.

3. Cost 

Acrylic yarn is much less costly than it’s natural friends. This means I am able to create more elaborate/time consuming products for a wallet-friendly price.

4. Lightweight and easy to clean! 

All of our items are easy to care for: Place in a delicates bag with like materials (ex. no velcro or hooks), put in the washing machine on gentle cycle in warm (not hot) water. Lay flat to dry! If washing a pom-pom, the same instructions apply, but after drying, use a blow dryer to fluff the faux fur back up! These instructions are included with every purchase.

The most popular winter alternative to acrylic is wool. While it can be very beautiful, the common methods for obtaining wool don’t involve a sheep living out its days on the farm, leisurely getting shaved for wool. This is another topic entirely so I won’t get into it, but the animal lover in me has made the choice to stay away from wool unless it is ethically sourced.

That being said...

Acrylic is a petroleum based product just like most of the clothing you already wear (eg. polyester). If you prefer eco-, animal- friendly items, I’m with you. This is why I strongly believe in thoughtful purchasing. Buying something you truly love and want means you will cherish it longer

Eliminating mindless purchasing means LESS WASTE!

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