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Make an Impact: Fashion Revolution Movement

What exactly sparked the Fashion Revolution Movement that we know of today? What is behind the campaign--- “Who made my clothes?,” which you might have seen posted on social media by your favorite ethical brands? What is the movement really all about? 

Eight years ago, a monumental disaster happened in Bangladesh, which took the lives of over 1,000 workers including women and children. The collapse of Rana Plaza, a garment factory where more than 5,000 workers were employed, fueled the movement against unethical business practices in the fashion industry. 

Today, the Fashion Revolution Movement is yearly celebrated every April to challenge the existing norms of fashion bringing together citizens from around the globe to take part. 

What exactly happened at Rana Plaza?

The Rana Plaza was built specifically as a commercial building. According to reports following the aftermath of the collapse, the structure of the building was not suitable as a garment factory. The building could not support the vibration of heavy industrial machines and yet, the building became a busy hub for garment workers to produce clothes for different fashion labels from medium-sized to large scale retail brands. 

Prior to the collapse, employees have reported cracks on the walls of the building and felt unsafe to continue working in such an environment. Despite this, the management insisted that it’s business as usual. As the news of Rana Plaza circulated the media, the glitz and glamour of the fast fashion industry was questioned. The tragedy could have been prevented if only people were put first before profit. 

Why is Fashion Revolution Important? 

Fashion, most especially the garment sector, generates billions of dollars. This is the truth behind the runways, magazines, and media that influence our decisions when it comes to our purchases. The profitability is so immense that labels, whether they are big or small,  are compelled to produce fast fashion to keep us shopping off the rack. 

The collapse of Rana Plaza brings into light the need for accountability, transparency, and awareness. The Fashion Revolution Movement promotes ethical and sustainable consumerism across the spectrum within the fashion industry. This involves holding labels to be accountable for their supply chains by changing policies in the way they do their business that will both protect workers and the environment. 

There are faces behind every product that we buy off the rack. Each piece of garment that we purchase passed through the hands of crafters, workers and artisans. Would you wear a piece of clothing if you knew the makers suffered in the process? Simply put, the very basics of the Fashion Revolution Movement is based on respect, compassion, and dignity towards fellow human beings. 

On top of this, the goal of the Fashion Revolution Movement is to bring to people’s awareness on the effects and results of their purchases. As an individual, we have a part to play in the collective change on how we perceive fashion and shopping. 

Here at Tillys Cozy Hooks, where every product is made by hand, we cannot specify enough the value of your support and purchases for brands such as ourselves. By supporting brands that promote ethical and sustainably-made pieces, you challenge the existing mindset and norms surrounding fashion.