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Earth Day should be Everyday

Can you think of another planet that is as livable as Earth? No, there's only one planet we can call home. However, the way we human beings treat our home has led to environmental degradation. In the pursuit of bettering our lives, we have disregarded our surroundings as if we live separately rather than being connected with everything that thrives on our planet. 

Civilization, modernity, and development have their perks, but this path that we have created has also resulted in environmental issues, like climate change to name a few. Though we can leave the bigger problems to the big players like environmentalists or policy makers, we have a role to play too, by starting with ourselves. The fact remains that Earth's problems are our problems. It is the one and only planet, which we can call “home” and because of that, we are part of Earth’s ecology. 

Start your eco-warrior journey with these tips: 

Ditch Single-Use Plastic

Look around you and the presence of plastic is everywhere. Sure, it’s durable and lightweight but plastic takes too long to decompose. The production of plastic and plastic waste disrupts the local ecosystem. The amount of energy to extract the raw materials to make tonnes of plastic alone has a great impact on the environment and the plastic waste has become a major problem for marine life. 

Lessen the use of single-use plastic and instead, shift to other alternatives that you can reuse every time. Use a reusable bag when you go shopping or at the grocery. Instead of buying bottled water, bring your own water bottle which you can refill. Same with utensils! The idea here is choosing alternatives besides single-plastic use! 

Choose Organic 

Farming is a global business! With billions of people to feed, the natural process of growing food has mutated to a factory level. Organic farming is designed with respect to nature, moreover to keep in check the health of the environment. Natural farming, which is free from using chemicals to grow our food, can reduce agricultural emissions caused by industrial farming while feeding a growing population. Besides, it’s healthier! 

Express your style by supporting brands that matter. Whenever you decide to shop for new clothes or accessories, always research about the label. Are they promoting sustainability? Do they practice ethical supply chains? Is their business model good for the people and the planet? By asking these questions, you learn more of the business practices of the fashion brands that you buy from. 

Support Sustainable Fashion

To celebrate Earth Day combined with our love for creating handmade fashion, we recently launched our Eco-Earth Collection. Our Hemlock Shawl/ Scarf/ Beach Cover-Up Collection is made from 60% recycled cotton and 40% sustainably grown flax (linen). This new collection is eco-friendly, plant-based and sustainable! We are dedicated to making sure that as we promote handmade fashion, we are also consciously working towards lessening our carbon footprint.